Mercer Transportation Celebrates 40th Anniversary


(Louisville, Kentucky) ---In honor of Mercer Transportation‘s 40th anniversary, the Company is hosting an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind, month long celebration. Festivities geared toward employees and Owner Operators as well as the general public will take place throughout July at the Company’s home office in Louisville, KY.

 Along with planning a variety of special events, the Company has also been making investments into new technology, such as mobile apps that have helped to advance Logistics capabilities and new equipment that has enabled the Company to achieve a 100% electronic logging compliance rating. As industry needs evolve, Mercer Transportation will continue to integrate new technologies that augment Owner Operator success and reinforce core principles of the Mercer Business Model.

 “As we move forward into the future, we will focus on those areas that have contributed to the Company’s long term success.” Brian Helton, Mercer Transportation Marketing and Media Relations Manager, said. “That includes a continued emphasis on safety and fast payments for Owner Operators and Brokers.”

 Mercer Transportation originated from a once dormant authority out of Ft. Worth, Texas. It was acquired in 1974 and paid for in full three years later. In 1977, founding partners Jim Stone and Bill Howard relocated to Louisville, Kentucky and changed the Company’s name. When Mercer Transportation opened its Brokerage Department, the Company earned more than a million dollars its first year. By 1988-1989, Mercer Transportation was earning more than $100 million dollars in annual revenue.

 Since it was established, the Company has hauled a variety of freight for a diverse client pool. Some of that includes pipeline, lumber, and large machinery. Throughout its 40 years, Mercer has operated from a simple philosophy. “We don’t necessarily want to be everything to everybody,” General Manager Dale Corum, said. “We just want to be the best we can be to as many as we can.”

 As part of its business model, Mercer strives to provide exceptional customer service. To do so, it has added new departments to help with expansion and Owner Operator needs. One example of that is the newly designated Contractor Relations Division, which offers Owner Operators an unbiased, third-party advocate, to help resolve any challenges. There is also a Mentor Program and a network of more than 90 Agent field offices available to Owner Operators across the United States.

 “There is a lot that sets Mercer Transportation apart. It has a unique culture and the people that work here have a strong work ethic,” Helton said. “We honor the military in most everything we do and we frequently hire those with military backgrounds. A lot of our employees also volunteer their time within the community. Those who go the extra mile are rewarded.”

  Appreciation is expressed in a number of ways. There is an annual “Mercertown Cookout” that gets bigger every year. With 2017 being Mercer’s 40th anniversary, the cookout was upgraded to the “Mercertown Jamboree,” which was held on March 22, 2017 as part of Mercer Transportation’s 40th year pre-anniversary activities.

 “It showcased trucks. It also featured dancing and music from a variety of bands. There was face painting for the kids and different types of food trucks,” Helton said. “The event wrapped up with a spectacular fireworks display.” Attendance was not exclusive to just Mercer Transportation employees and Owner Operators. Residents of the Portland neighborhood, police officers, first responders and others joined in as well.

 The Mercertown Jamboree truck show was coordinated through the “ShowUsYourTruck.Com” website.  Prizes were offered to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and awards were presented by Marcia Campbell and Marty Theurer of The WSM All Nighter Radio Show from a custom built stage that featured a professional sound and light system. Owner Operators even had a chance to “text to win” special items.  “It was a great evening,” Jason Schaftlein, Director of Recruiting and Retention, said. “We probably had half the city wondering what was going on down on the west side of Louisville.”

 During the last 40 years, Mercer Transportation has earned a number of distinctions. Along with being one of the top five carriers for government traffic, it is one of the top carriers in the nation. The company places significant importance on client relationships and its military partnerships. With a fleet of more than 2,300 permanently leased trucks, no company-owned equipment, and 40 years’ experience under their belt, Mercer truly is…THE Owner Operator Company. For more information, contact Mercer at 1-888-876-2709 or visit them online at